Nino Zeni

Gaetano Zeni, referred to as Nino by everyone was the real innovator of the modern era of our winery: a number of small and big changes initiated by him lifted the winery to its level of today. In fact it was Nino who decided to move the production in the 1950s from the small winery in the historic center of Bardolino to its present location with more space and improved practicality in the hills above the village with a spectacular view of Lake Garda. In the new winery he also decided to establish the wine museum to promote the culture and the story of wine growing and wine making.

nino zeni


The winery’s philosophy lived by Nino Zeni, like the bond with the land, the passion for the vineyard and the attitude in business is pursued today with the same enthusiasm and dedication by his children Fausto, Elena and Federica together with the mother Mariarosa.

nino zeni

Zeni Winery

The Zeni winery is located and operates in Bardolino, on the slopes of the morainic hills along the eastern shore of Lake Garda. It’s here, in the very heart of the vinegrowing area of the homonymous Bardolino wine, that the carefully selected grapes, coming from both privately owned and long-term lease vineyards, are conveyed. The Winery also buys selected parcels of grapes from trusted local grape growers with whom it maintains enduring collaborations. Only the best grapes can result in wines with such a distinctive character that are true expressions of a unique terroir.

nino zeni